As early as 1896, a group of Christians met in the Presbyterian church building to worship and fellowship together. Later that same year, these believers formed the Christian Church and built a small structure on the site where the church has met ever since. Original Building

The Lord blessed them and soon they outgrew the original building. In 1909 a new building was built and served the church well until it was destroyed in 1927 by a fire caused by lightning. This year proved to be quite pivotal. Several months after the fire, the Christian Church deeded the property to J.F. Whitwell, who on the same date deeded the property to the Church of Christ.

God continued to bless the ministry of His people in Hohenwald. Several ministries and events show God’s faithfulness to this group of Christians over the years. From the first gospel meeting with Elisha G. Sewell and David Lipscomb to the Vision meeting with Willie Franklin and continuing on through other meetings and regular teaching, the Hohenwald Church of Christ has been faithful in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. Subsequently,
this church family has produced many young men who have become ministers of the gospel all over the world. In addition, this church has consistently supported many domestic and international mission efforts.Second Building

Local outreach has been and continues to be a hallmark of the Hohenwald Church of Christ. Beginning in 1976, Roy Arnold and Sonny Pollock helped to launch the bus ministry that involved some 50-60 volunteers and brought many people to God. Through service to the poor, marriage seminars, Vacation Bible Schools, Bible studies, Primetime, days of prayer, and partnering with such great ministries as Disaster Relief and Guyana Missions, the Hohenwald Church of Christ has a history of carrying on the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Words on a page, however, can never do justice to the difference that a church makes in the lives of people. By the grace of God, this church family has embraced the hurting, reached out to spiritual seekers, and inspired faith, hope, and love in many a heart. By the grace of God, we will continue to do the same with each new generation.